August 31, 2013

Arkansas Life Magazine, September 2013

Arkansas Life wrote up the sweetest article. I got a WHOLE page. I love the headline, it gives me chills. Zoom in to read it! Crowdfunding, micro loans, and shopping local, por vida!

March 29, 2013

Day 15

Better late, than drunk?

Day 15 was yesterday...Actually I didn't even celebrate, I went to class, not just class, Corporate Financial Structure, (barf), but let's pretend I would have the self restraint to not drink and blog.

Anyway, FULLY LOANED and up and running.

new title for me, Small Business Owner, WOW!

The THANKS that I have to give to all my lenders, well, I will keep this gratitude in my heart and head forever. How do I make that dry and funny?

much love, mm

March 27, 2013

Day 14

So glad day 13 is over, that was deflating! Today has me hollering, with new loans from complete strangers and closing in on 90% loaned. Business meetings, location shopping, and sharing about Kiva to my MBA classmates, bring it on day 15.

This video from Bill gets me fired up every time. I love him and his BETTER half. xoxo mm